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The Gala Pump’s unique technology makes it unlike any other pump on the market. Using gentle compression to massage milk glands, the Gala Pump mimics the age-old and dependable technique of hand expression. Our compact and wearable design is combined with a built-in milk collection system and quiet operation, making the Gala Pump the most naturalcomfortable, and discreet way to pump breast milk available.
Introducing the Gala Pump!
Why mimic hand expression? 
The Gala Pump is naturalcomfortable, and discreet.
We are developing the Gala Pump, a first-in-class compression breast pump that mimics the age-old and trusted art of hand expression. The Gala Pump utilizes gentle compression with a custom-designed inflatable bladder (think about a blood pressure cuff, but less painful!) that rhythmically cycles to 
massage milk glands located at the base of the lactating breast and stimulate milk expression.
Traditional vacuum breast pumps cause pain, tissue swelling, and even permanent damage. Hand expression is a more natural way to express milk and has been shown to be as effective as vacuum breast pumps in well-controlled research studies. A majority of surveyed women use compression in conjunction with vacuum powered breast pumps to improve output. However, due to hand fatigue and clear inability to be “hands-free”, exclusive hand expression is almost never used by working mothers. 
We have tested our novel technology in an IRB-approved study and demonstrated proof of concept. Tester image to the left depicts active compression that elicits a robust milk response; arrows show direct of force
The Gala Compression  Pump workflow demonstrates usability and functionality for working mothers